Road Goes Into The Drain

Every monsoon, a road in rural Odisha connecting 5000 people across two villages sinks into a drain. Life in the region is hit and access to basic services like health, education and food lies in jeopardy. Children struggle against the overflowing drain to reach school. Villagers wade through knee deep water to ferry PDS grains from the panchayat office to their homes. A journey to the hospital can be injurious to your health. Conditions have remained the same for as long as the people remember. Inspite of the ambitions of the Prime Minister's Rural Road Scheme, transport through the country's rural areas continues to be fraught with everyday danger and bureaucratic incompetency. With one foot wobbling in the slippery clay and the other trying to strike a fine balance, the villagers of Bishora village in the Nuapada district continue to hope for change. Call to Action: IndiaUnhead Community Correspondent Abishek Kumar Das asks you to pick up your phones and dial the sarpanch of Bishora on +919556670403 and demand that the road in her village be repaired without further delay.
Community Survey

Fed Up Villagers Boycott Voting in #BiharElections2020

/ October 29, 2020

Bihar villagers were promised drainage and roads in the last state polls. It remains an unfulfilled promise elections after elections.

Community Survey

New Farm Law: The People Whose Voice Matters The Most Tell Us What It Means

/ October 28, 2020

We get a sense about the new farm bills passed by the Union govt of India from Video Volunteers correspondents, several of whom are farmers or who work with the community.

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