Old Age Pension: A Mirage for the Poor

India is amongst the world's youngest countries with an average age of 26 years. However, India will not remain young for too long. The number of elderly is likely to constitute a quarter of India's population by 2050. VV-PACS Community Correspondent Mahesh Kumar from Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh reports on the fading silver line for the elderly. Elderly people like Pitni Devi & many others from Kelar village have not got the benefit of Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension for many years. In spite of approaching the Village Head, no action has been taken till now. "I have small children to look after, we cook a meal and eat it for two days." Says Ramkali. Even after repeated pleas to the administration to ensure that all eligible senior citizens get the monthly pension has fallen on deaf ears. Let us hope the administration wakes up and listens to the elderly before it's too late. Call to Action: Please call the Block Development Officer on 9918765000 and ask him to ensure that the elderly in Kelar village, Kaushambi district receive their Old Age Pension. About the Partnership: The Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme and Video Volunteers have come together to create the Community Correspondents Network. The videos generated by the network will be able to highlight voices from the margins, providing skills to social communicators to provide advocacy tools to community based organisations.

Migrant from Mumbai Forced to Live in the Open | COVID 19

/ May 29, 2020

The ongoing lockdown has compelled thousands of people to return to their villages. However, in the absence of public transport, many are forced to arrange for their own vehicles or walk on foot, several hundred kilometres along with their whole family. Video Volunteers community correspondent Amol Lalzare brings to us...

Women Receive Sanitary Napkins in Rajasthan Under Govt Scheme | Covid 19

/ May 25, 2020

Video Volunteers’ community correspondent Sunita Kasera spoke to the women of Jamoora, a village in Rajasthan’s Karauli district, on the inconveniences faced by them due to the lockdown. Since markets remain shut, women of this village are unable to buy sanitary pads for their personal hygiene. Police personnel shoo them...

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