No Entry for Women

Pune, Maharashtra | Rohini pawar

In Veer village, women are not allowed to enter the Mkhaskoba temple. It is an old tradition that people of Veer village have been following for a very long time.

On Women’s day, Rohini visited the Mhaskoba temple wondering may be, on that day they will allow her to enter the main area where the Idol of God is. But she was not allowed to enter.

Women who visit the temple refused to give any interviews regarding this and they believe that they are not supposed to break old traditions and if they do oppose it, they worry what the society will say about them and there is a possibility that something wrong will happen to them if they stop following this tradition.

The only time women are allowed in the main area is during Navratra, for 9 days.

Rohini being a strong woman, who is actively working in human rights and social sector for years, wants this tradition to be stopped. To help her-

Please call District Collector of Pune, Maharashtra: Sourabh Rao, on this number +91-20-2622 4949 and ask him to take actions against this.

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