Nadia Potters Are Looking at Durga Puja With Eager Eyes | COVID-19


Lockdowns have really shattered the livelihoods of small business owners, daily wagers and arts and craftsmen. About 45 families in the Nadiya district of West Bengal, who are sculptors and potters by profession, are struggling for survival. There has been no business ever since the lockdown as first imposed in March 2020.

"20 people are surviving on one person's income," said one of the potters describing the financial situation of most of the craftsmen from the community. They say they got together and applied to the local administration for compensation but did not hear from them ever. However, they say that some of the other artists did receive a compensation.

Our Community Correspondent Dibyojoti Karmakar got the community together and submitted an application on their behalf to the local Block Development Officer. Meanwhile, the potters say that they pray that the lockdown isn't imposed during Durga Puja, a very important nationwide festival and a time of high business activity. They recall that in 2020 too the lockdown happened just before their earning season was about to begin. They look at this year's Durga Puja with a lot of hope. 

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