MNREGA’s Empty Promises

A year ago Buduram Netam worked on an MNREGA sponsored project to build a two lane road and bridge in his village Karanji, Chhattisgarh.

Now in 2013, Buduram continues to wait along with 100 other villagers who were employed for 20 days in May 2012. The scheme offers a daily wage of Rs.120 a day. Added up the pay would have equalled a grand total of 2,400– Just about enough to put food on a families plate for a month.

Till now the workers’ complaints have been met only with lies saying the money has been released. The MNREGA scheme has been severely criticised for its shortcomings. It is rife with corruption and loopholes and there are countless reports of non-payment for work done.
Call to Action: Please call the Chief Officer of Karanji village, Mr. Gupta, on 07786242265 and ensure that he facilitates the payment of the 100 people who worked on the projects.

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