Mining Traffic Disrupts Life in Goa

Violation of rules by the trucks carrying mineral ore cause congestion on the roads in the mining areas of Goa Wanton unregulated mining and mining related activities are harming the peace  and serenity of Goa  in more ways than one. Following our recent video on water pollution caused by the mining industry, Community  Correspondent  Sulochana Pednekar  bares  face of another consequence of mining in Goa. Most mining areas in Goa, face the problem of road congestion due to the incessant flow of mining traffic throughout the day. Everyday close to 3,000 trucks carrying mining ore speed on the roads of  Usgaon,Savordem, Quepem, Sanguem in Goa , endangering the lives of  several people . These trucks violate traffic norms and cause severe traffic jams, leaving professionals and students stranded on streets. According to an order issued by the court, the trucks are permitted to transport goods from 7:30 am to 5pm. They are supposed to stay put in one spot between 1-2pm to ensure that vehicles carrying school kids are not trapped in a traffic jam. However, due to a lack of deployment of police personnel at checkpoints, these rules are violated by the trucks. They start transporting mineral ore right from 7 am and go on till 8 pm and between 1 pm and 2 pm, they line up one behind another in the middle of the road, causing roadblocks either way. “There are days when there are almost 500 trucks lined up on the road at the same time. Children can’t make it in time for school because they are stuck on the road due to the traffic jams”, says Sulochna. Due to the traffic congestion on these routes, buses have to take alternate routes, making public transport inaccessible for the people living in these areas. Retired teacher Ranjit Kakodkar, feels that the government should regulate the purchase of trucks by suspending sales for a year or two because there is no more place on the roads. Although the government has proposed to build new roads to divert mining traffic, no concrete measures have been taken.

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