Maharashtra Women undertake 4 km walkathone to fetch water

The women of Chindhimal, Navbhid undertake a 4 km long journey daily, to fetch clean, hygenic water for their daily sustenance. Although,under the central scheme National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP), the village has a water connection, the water supply is erratic since two years due to broken, unrepaired connection, while the village borewell has impure, polluted water. "Even our food tastes bad with the water. Imagine how bad it is! People are falling sick from drinking such water," says resident, Hirabai Kosare. The various requests of the Chindhimal residents to help with the water supply is being met with negligence. Even though the Maharashtra government, under NRDWP, has a total allocation of Rs. 1659.41 crores during 2013, Government reports state that in Maharashtra, out of the total 40,000 villages, drinking water remains to be a problem in at least 1,200 village.

More than 50% of the Indian households do not have a source of drinking water at home. In rural India. 63% households walked more than 500 m to get fetch water, according to 2011 Census data.

The women of Chindhimal have to walk 4 kms a day with water-laden, heavy pots. Would you help lessen their burden? Call the Block Development Officer of Nagbhir, Maharashtra on +91 7779240029 and demand that the broken pipe be fixed to restore the supply of water to the village.FB post - 21-6 Dashrathnagar Water impact

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