Keeping the anganwadi alive

CC Reena Ramteke tells the story of an anganwadi worker who has sacrificed a lot in the past 7 years to keep this anganwadi working.

7 years since inception in ward no 10 of Gariaband district, no building has been built or permanently allocated to this anganwadi. Kamleshwari has been sent innumerable applications to various officials, authorities and offices but none of them have been fruitful. This anganwadi is operated by the Department of Women & Child Development. When she went to the head of the department, she was told that the gram panchayat(village council) is responsible for providing the building. She was further sent off to the district council, where they asked her to make them the construction contractor, only then will they build the anganwadi. 

Thanks to help of a local, they were to able to repair the building that the anganwadi workers have rented out themselves. All the repair work was carried out by anganwadi worlers and volunteers themselves.  After minimal repairs, it is finally in a condition to continue hosting children from the village. 

Seeing someones dedication meet with such negligence breaks the CC Reena's heart. She made this video to help build a permanent centre for this anganwadi at ambedkar chowk. 

Please call: District Collector, Amit Kataria, Gariaband, (Chattisgarh) - 07706-241455 and ask him to take immediate action and get the anganwadi centre built.


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