Justice Eludes
Tortured Woman

Dalit woman and victim of domestic violence awaits justice in Karauli, Rajasthan. Despite a strong anti-domestic violence law, women in rural India continue to face domestic violence. Sunita Kasera, our correspondent brings in light the plight of Luxmi Devi - a Dalit woman from Karauli who has been tortured by her husband and father in law for ten years before being abandoned. Sick and jobless, he now lives a miserable life alone.

Violence against women is a serious problem in India. It is estimated that one in every four Indian women experience physical violence. This figure translates into millions of women who have suffered, and continue to suffer, at the hands of husbands and other family members.

To protect women from this widespread violence Indian government introduced Domestic Violence Act in 2005. Luxmi has filed a case against him in Karauli Police station under the act, but the police have not taken any action.

According to Sunita, Luxmi’s husband openly maintains relationship with several other women. He was outraged when Luxmi protested this and started beating her. His father also beat Luxmi saying she couldn’t give them an heir after years.

Though women of her community helped Luxmi find a job in a local NGO, years of beatings have made her physically too weak to attend her duties regularly.

Sunita, who feels strongly about women's issues, felt outraged when she met Luxmi. She feels, if Luxmi had not been uneducated and from marginalised section of the society, by now she would have received justice. As a woman and a fellow community member, Sunita wants this woman to be given her right to live a life of peace and dignity. Click here for more videos from Sunita.

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