Jharkhand School Fails To Meet Standards

About the Video: Jharkhand is the state which registers extremely low on the quality of education index. Student – teacher ratios are abysmal. Timla Secondary School in Timla Village, khunti district, Jharkhand has been functioning with only a single teacher handling every single responsibility- from teaching classes 1 to 7 to carrying out administrative duties like drawing up report cards and making voters lists. The teacher, Mr. Isra Tutti is giving his all but he cannot prevent the quality of education from falling to below par standards. A para teacher was employed to assist Mr. Tutti but he barely worked for a month before going AWOL. He has not yet returned from a three day leave. Mr. Tutti is barely managing to keep the school together and functioning but he has failed to stop a deep discontent from breeding among the students themselves. Students are dropping out at a higher rate than ever before.

Call to Action: Community Correspondent Amita Tuti requests the viewers of her video to call Arvind Prasad,District Block Education Officer on 08877073395 and put in a word and pressurize the system into improving the quality of education and ensure that hundreds of tribal children have an opportunity towards a brighter future.

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