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Impact: Community Media Helped People Access Water Supply

In Mohanpur village, Uttar Pradesh, women had to walk 2km far to fetch water. Our Community Correspondent helped her community in installing a new hand-pump. 

From the past two years Mohanpur village, in Udaipur district of Uttar Pradesh, was struggling due to a faulty hand-pump. Like most of the villages, where the hand-pump is the major source of water, the condition of Mohnapur village was very grim as there was no other water supply nearby.  

“We don’t get drinking water. The hand pump has gone dry here”, said Dhanpati, resident of Mohanpur village. Locals in the village tried getting the hand-pump made, and gave their own money to get it made. But, not surprisingly the pumps frequently broke down. 

Everyday Dhanpati Devi had to walk long distances and to other places to get water. “When we go there, people scold us and refuse to give us water, we have to walk a long distance, 2km to bring water”, she adds. 

Looking at the situation, the Anita Bharti our Community correspondent quickly made a video on this issue, highlighting the problems of the people, especially women. “We shot a film on this. With the help of the film, I bought the whole community together and created awareness”, said Anita. In the meeting where all the residents of the village came together and spoke to the village Pradhan about the water crisis. The outcome of the meeting came positive. Village Pradhan promised that he will provide a solution to this issue within a week. Block Development Officer (BDO) of Pahari Block was also informed about the situation. 

After a month, of follow up and with the cooperation of BDO and village pradhan, a borewell was dug and installed a new hand-pump. “Now all of us get to drink water. We can draw water even at the night”, a woman said, happily. 

Anita concludes that her purpose of making videos through the camera is to create awareness and impact in her community, and she wants to continue doing so. 


Video made by Community Correspondent Anita Bharti. 

Article by Grace Jolliffe, a member of VV Editorial Team.

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