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Impact: Clogged Drainage Line Gets Repaired After Eight Months

Around ten thousand people were benefited when the Nashik Municipality unclogged the sewage lines, and built six new public toilets, in Amrapali Nagar.

From the past eight months, Amrapali Nagar in Nashik was being neglected. Pile of garbage, sewage water was flowing unattended for many months. Lack of cleanliness, in the public toilets, choked the Chamber line and drainage water is flowing in open. Gautam Wakale, a resident of Amrapali Nagar, said, “We live here. Everyone is falling sick Nobody comes here to clean this. They just come here, have a look and go away.” Gautam also adds that they have filed complaints, but the authorities in the Municipality never accept them. 

Sewage water passing from the unkempt public toilets was flowing in front of their houses. Garbage clogging the drains running through lanes, attributed to unhygienic living conditions around the vicinity of the Amrapali area. “We don’t feel like cooking. How can we live here, eat here? We feel like just going away”, said Jaishree Wakale. Dwarka Pradhan, another resident of Amrapali Nagar, complains that her husband has fallen ill because of this filth floating in front of her house. 

Community Correspondent, Maya Khodve who reports from Nashik, for Video Volunteers, saw that due to clogging of drainage lines and foul smell, people are falling sick. Hence, to help her community, Maya made an issue video.  Maya along with the few more residents of Amrapali Nagar went to the authorities and showed the video. They went to the Water and Sanitation Dept and showed the footage on the mobile phone, and also sent the video on WhatsApp. 

“Maya Didi, came to our office and put forth all their problems”, said Sanjay Gosavi, Divisional Sanitation Inspector, in Nashik. Sanjay Gosavi, visited the place, as soon as he received the letter, and took quick actions to curb the severity of the problem. Maya constantly kept on following up on the matter. Soon after, clogged sewage lines were cleaned in the settlement and, six new public toilets were also constructed. This step helped around ten thousand people living in Amrapali Nagar.  “Also, henceforth, if they convey to us any of their issues, we will diligently work towards solving it”, adds Sanjay Gosavi. 

Video by Community Correspondent, Maya Khodve 

Article by, Grace Jolliffe, a Member of VV Editorial Team. 

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