Women discriminated against for not giving birth to boys

Savitri Devi gets beaten up by her husband very frequently for not having a son, reports Community Correspondent Mahesh Kumar from Ambai Bujuru of Kaushambhi district in Uttar Pradesh.

Kaushambhi district celebrates a festival known as Sakat or Ganesh Chowk every year. In this festival, everyone can participate except the women who did not give birth to a boy. Women like Savitri Devi who gave birth to sons are often beaten up by their husbands and are also ill-treated by the family of their husbands. This highlights the longstanding culture India has of worshipping sons and deserting daughters – a shameful case of gender-based discrimination.

The Indian Constitution guarantees equality as ‘Fundamental Rights’ in Articles 14, 15 and 16 under Part III. However, there is no comprehensive anti-discrimination code in India although there are laws that address specific aspects related to equality. In the absence of an anti-discrimination code, there is no comprehensive statutory definition of discrimination that takes into account different manifestations of discrimination and its impact.

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