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Gavari: A Vibrant, Rajasthani Folk Dance of Devotion and Celebration

A 40-day long festival celebrated as a distinct art form in Mewar area of southern Rajasthan

Rajasthan, known for its rich, colorful culture is surrounded by numerous ethnic groups having distinct identities in terms of beliefs, religious practices, and art forms!

A unique folk dance, called Gavari, is celebrated by the Bhills expressing devotion and faith to Lord Shiva, also symbolising their need and care for forests, the environment, and animals. Male members including children of the community take part in the dance, music, and folklores. During this whole time, people do not go to their homes, sleep on the ground, and restrain from eating green vegetables and meat. People go from village to village to perform Gavari and enact different mythological episodes

Watch the video for an eye-catching performance, which is not only magical but also holds cultural inheritance, which is being followed from one generation to another!

Community Correspondent Shambhulal reports from, Rajasthan for Video Volunteers.

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