Dirty Water Makes Children Suffer

In Jabalpur, MP, polluted water at school is putting children’s health in danger.

About the Video: Unhealthy, polluted water at the government school at Kurnam village, UP is endangering the health and well-being of the hundreds of innocent children studying there. All across their bodies, the children are developing a terrible itchy rash that pusses and bleeds causing them much discomfort. The school authorities are refusing to pay heed to this grave situation in spite of the parents and students speaking out on it. The children continue to suffer.

Community Correspondent says: Community Correspondent Saroj Paraste’s nine years old daughter studies in 4th grade in the school. Her daughter has developed rashes across the abdomen and in joints where it is particularly painful. She asks the viewers of her video for help. They can call Public Health Sub Divisional officer on 09893330592 and ask them to look into the matter immediately.

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