Despite Rain No Water

Many are blaming corruption for a severe water crisis in Dang. Dang receives the highest rainfall level in all of Gujarat. Yet the abundant resource has gone missing. Faulty dams, untested equipment and poor management have allowed water resources to leak. Residents of Dang say corruption—not quality—was prioritized in constructing the region’s water system. Now, Dang’s population faces a devastating drought.
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Mumbai Witnessing Forced Evictions and Demolitions Repeatedly

/ May 20, 2022

The slum dwellers of Pestom Sagar Area, Chembur, Mumbai have developed some really thick resilience. Their slums have been tossed and toppled away so many times that their bitterness is turning to rage now.

Long Live ASHA workers! ASHA Worker in Murena, Madhya Pradesh Dies on Duty

/ May 19, 2022

The ASHA workers are instituted by the ‘ National Rural Health Mission.’ They are at the bottom of the pyramid - the interface between the community and Indian Public Health Delivery System, the first point of contact for millions of Indians to health care.

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