Despite Rain No Water

Many are blaming corruption for a severe water crisis in Dang. Dang receives the highest rainfall level in all of Gujarat. Yet the abundant resource has gone missing. Faulty dams, untested equipment and poor management have allowed water resources to leak. Residents of Dang say corruption—not quality—was prioritized in constructing the region’s water system. Now, Dang’s population faces a devastating drought.
No Cards

Yashodhara – A salve for the social injuries of the Dalits in Mumbai’s slums. 

/ December 22, 2022

Yashodhara Salve’s style of community journalism has led to Dalit women marshalling against atrocities they faced, women standing up against traditions that exile them from society and women going on camera to demand education for their daughters which is a basic right.    The 38-year old Community Correspondent grew up in...

Health Centre Comes Alive After 2 Decades

/ December 8, 2022

In this video, we can see a success story of a Public Health Centre that got renovated and functional with the effort of a Community worker, Ms Laxmi Kaurav. 

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