Despite Rain No Water

Many are blaming corruption for a severe water crisis in Dang. Dang receives the highest rainfall level in all of Gujarat. Yet the abundant resource has gone missing. Faulty dams, untested equipment and poor management have allowed water resources to leak. Residents of Dang say corruption—not quality—was prioritized in constructing the region’s water system. Now, Dang’s population faces a devastating drought.
Impact Story

Fighting the Dowry System | Fixing India

/ December 31, 2019

This week Fixing India is dismantling the nonsensical economics of dowry system.

No Cards

VV Correspondent Reports from Ethiopia, Bringing an International Conference Back to Tea Estate Workers in...

/ December 2, 2019

“Nothing About Us, Without Us, is For Us:” A community video flips the lens and shows us how development conferences can be more inclusive of the people they talk about.

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