Old Water

Kashmir Floods: A first hand account

/ September 30, 2014

It was the closing ceremony of our week-long training workshop on 6th evening. IndiaUnheard had just come to Jammu and Kashmir where 9 new Community Correspondents had been recruited and trained. Our new CCs were excited to begin their work inthe field. Everyone was talking about the flash floods, which...

Desert Video: Using Media To Address Water Issue In Rajasthan

/ January 7, 2011

A Video Trainer for Video Volunteers, Tara Misra spent a year at the Jal Chitran  – the Community Video Unit (CVU) launched in partnership with Jal Bhagirathi Foundation NGO in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. During her yearlong stay, Tara trained at least twenty people into video production some of whom had succeeded...

On the road, but not at the end of it

/ May 16, 2010

— Stella Paul That Bhagwanpura village is just 100 km away from Ahmedabad – capital of the largest and supposedly the richest Indian state is hard to believe. For reason one, there is no running water, no toilets and no tar road. The only mode of transport for common people...