Unfixed Light Endanger Lives

/ September 26, 2011

In Valmiki Nagar, Haryana, a solar light installed at a dangerous intersection lies broken.

Empowering Community Voices in Assam

/ September 20, 2011

Community Video brings growth and happiness to lives in the tea garden.

All Set to Roll: The Third IU Training Camp

/ September 19, 2011

With monsoon receding and the sun eking its way out, the Third IndiaUnheard Training Camp is all set to roll out in Goa on the 26th of September, 2011. A housewife from rural Rajasthan, a college student from the slums of Mumbai, a dalit teenager from remote Jharkhand, a grassroots...

Apple Fields Forever, Kashmir

/ August 26, 2011

New technology brings new hope to Apple Farmers in Kashmir.

Mobile Users Hassled By Security Measures

/ May 12, 2011

In the name of national security, mobile phone users in Assam were forced to re-submit their identity documents.

Closing the IndiaUnheard training camp with a powerful sharing session

/ March 13, 2011

It is the last day of the training, and everyone is given an opportunity to share what they learned from the training. The Community Correspondents (CCs) now all have excellent journalistic skills, they are able to report unheard stories and to handle videos. For many, what they have learned goes...

IndiaUnheard Training Camp 2011 – First Day

/ February 21, 2011

Today is the first day of the IndiaUnheard training camp and we are so excited! 16 community correspondents who have all been producing videos for the last one year have all been streaming in today and yesterday. They are here to both celebrate their achievements, brush up on training, and...

Avatar Star Endorses Video Volunteers: Actor Stephen Lang Films Video Supporting Global Media Initiative

/ January 31, 2011

 You may know Steven Lang as the villainous colonel Quaritch in Avatar, but in reality he believes the camera is a stronger weapon than the gun. He’s become a champion of using cinema for the empowerment of the most disadvantaged, and has recently made a video endorsing the global...