AIDS StigmatizesChild’s Life

/ June 17, 2010

At this moment, India has a relatively low level AIDS prevalence rate in comparison to other countries.

Garbage Plagues Chennai

/ May 27, 2010

Trash problems are a big concern for any state including a place like Chennai.

Villages Lack Healthcare

/ May 24, 2010

Despite a government requirement, many villages all over India lack proper healthcare facilities.

Water Mixed with Sewage

/ May 19, 2010

People of Karoli lack access to clean water, as public pipes mix with sewage.

Video Impact: Tossing Tobacco.

/ April 13, 2009

Bipin, Community Producer from Aapna Malak Maa team, wrote about the impact of the video on de-addiction. Read further to know what he has to say. It has been translated into English from Gujarati. In Dhandalpur village 5 people – Sunilbhai Naginbhai, Ganeshbhai Bhikhabhai, Ketanbhai Dhirubhai, Thobhanbhai Lagharbhai, and Bhanubhai...