Absentee Doctors

Imagine being sick and going to the governmental hospital to find that there is no one there to treat you.  This is the case in Masalpur where our VV-Correspondent Sunita Kasera reports about her personal experience:  “When I visited this health centre at around 11 o’clock in the morning, I did not find any doctors here, the chairs on which the doctors usually sit were empty.  The beds in the hospital were torn apart, there were no patients there and I was told that pregnant women are sent outside the village to get medical attention.”   Call to Action- Residents have complained about the lack of medical staff here but no one is listening to them.  That is why we need your support to pressure the Chief Health Officer to take strict measures against the negligence of medical staff here.  Call NOW!     District Health Officer, Karauli District, Rajasthan, Tel: +917464220150.   VV-Correspondent Sunita Kasera reports from Masalpur, Karauli district of Rajasthan where doctors are regularly absent from the hospital or are never on time.  There is no nurse or pharmacist either.  They either have to go to private doctors or go to the far away town of Karauli to get medical attention.   Pramukhal Meena a resident explains,If patients suffering from malaria come to this health centre, they are given a pill and told to go home…There are 4 doctors appointed here but amongst the 4 doctors nobody is available here.  There is a pharmacist called Harimohan but he doesn’t want to perform his duties.  Harimohan only comes for a while and then he goes away.”   A resident explains how nothing has been done about the diabolical situation despite calling and writing to the government many times.   All is not lost.  Through similar case, Community Correspondent Saroj Paraste uncovered abysmal conditions of maternal and child health care in Sakhri Village, Madhya Pradesh.  He managed to bring healthcare to 137 families of Sakhri which through his video.  This goes to show just how powerful a community’s voice teamed with a camera is.   This is why we need your support.  Please call the number above to ensure that medical staff fulfill their duty to their patients.  Your action will bring positive impact for the lives of Pramukhal and others.    Watch more videos like this by clicking on this link.   Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu   For more information on absentee doctors in India please check here.

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