One Billion Rising: A woman’s fight for her rights

February 10; Nanded, Maharashtra

Ashatai Lukman, after three years of married life, was beaten and thrown out of the house by her husband Ganesh. As she returned to her father’s house, her husband married another woman. Ashatai, a single woman, raised her son and managed to pay for her education. Now, as he is in his early twenties, Ashatai is trying to get him a share of his father’s property, as is his right. But all Ganesh has given so far are assurances. “He acknowledges my right but only for the sake of it,” Ashatai told Shanta Yevtikar, Community Correspondent from Maharashtra.

One of the reasons behind the instances of domestic violence is that the law isn’t strict enough to protect women in their houses. Cases like these are a reminder of the fact that women’s issues are still trying to find their way on the centre stage of public discourse.


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