40 Families in Two Villages of Bihar Don’t Get To Eat Two Meals A Day | COVID-19


Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that people will be receive free ration during the lockdown. However, this was applicable only to people who hold a valid ration card. There are more than 40 marginalized families in Bihar's West Chamaparan district that do no have ration cards and are on the verge of starving.

In their own words they say that they eat only one meal a day. Upon further prodding by our Community Correspondent Tanju Devi they reveal that there is no source of income during the lockdown days. On top of that they do not have ration card to avail of the free ration distributed by the government. There are other cases of people holding Antyodaya ration cards where the electronic smartcard issued to villagers does not work as there is a mismatch in fingerprints and they go home hungry.

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