MGNREGA workers demands renewal of thier Job Cards

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), also known as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) is an Indian legislation enacted on August 25, 2005. It provides a legal guarantee for one hundred days of employment in every financial year to adult members of any rural household willing to do public work-related unskilled manual work at the minimum wage. The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD), Govt of India is monitoring the entire implementation of this scheme in association with state governments.

It is a welfare scheme for landless labourers, marginal farmers and it is a mandate that one-third of the stipulated work force must be women. The Gram Panchayat registers households and issues a job card. The job card contains the details of the members  and the registered person can submit an application for work in writing (for at least fourteen days of continuous work) either to the Panchayat or to the Programme Officer. The Panchayat is the final authority for wage seekers and approves the works under MGNREGA and fixes their priority. 

But there are issues of Job Card renewal in the Kamapur village of Viswan block, of Sitapur district, Uttar Pradesh. The Community Correspondent (CC) Harishankar reports that 35 families had their job cards made 10 years ago and due to non - renewal of these cards, they are not getting any MGNREGA jobs. It is creating a lot of hardships for them financially. CC Harishankar is helping them with applications for renewal of their job cards, so that this crucial program for livelihood generations can help the 175 needy people in Kamapur village.   

Please share this video to amplify this issue and help these families renew their job cards.

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