When A Family Member Tests Positive – Part 2

Amol Lalzare, Video Volunteers’ community correspondent spent the last two weeks in a quarantine centre in Mumbai as one of his relatives was diagnosed positive for COVID..

While at the centre, Amol interviewed a woman whose husband tested positive. In her interview, she says that initially her husband was diagnosed with pneumonia and no government hospital was ready to admit him.. The private clinics demanded Rs. 10,000 per day for his admission which they could not afford.

Later his condition worsened as he started coughing profusely and when they took him to the hospital, the medical team immediately quarantined him. She says that it has been 10 days since she has been living at the government quarantine centre with her child and no medical professional has come to check her.

Amol reports that the quarantine centre has a doctor on call. If a resident shows symptoms of Coronavirus infection like coughing or sneezing then they can be tested on-site.

Another woman who was interviewed by Amol says that her husband started experiencing severe chest pain after which she took him to four private hospitals who refused admission. Finally, a hospital in Sion, Mumbai admitted him. Her kids were quarantined separately.

Amol also spoke with his brother-in-law on the phone who is recovering well. He is getting medicines along with his regular meals. He says nurses visit him two to three times in a day while the doctor’s presence is irregular. He was discharged after 8 days.

After spending 14 days in the quarantine centre, Amol and his family were discharged on 2 July 2020.
Community Correspondent Amol Lalzare reports from Mumbai, Maharashtra for Video Volunteers. Learn more about (CC Name) and see other videos of his/hers here. Add website link of the CC’s profile.

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