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Impact Story

Spike in Deliveries after Health Centre Gets Water Supply

/ July 6, 2018

A Health Centre in Chhattisgarh was running without regular water supply for three years, affecting the health and well-being of about ten villages.

Drinking Water ends Thirst after a Decade’s Struggle

/ January 6, 2017

A little child turns the village tap in hope of water, but all he says he looks up and says, “There is no water.” The tap had run dry 10 years ago, in the village of Saraipallai, Chhattisgarh but the administration had paid little heed to fix the dysfunctional water...

A Village without ASHA

/ December 29, 2016

Nitu’s infant hasn’t received any vaccinations nor medical check-up since it was born. She does home remedies for her child because medical assistance is unavailable in her village. Sonam, a teenager doesn’t know much about menstrual hygiene. She wants to know about the bodily changes she’s undergoing, but there is no...

Why must widows lead a life of ostracisation?

/ December 27, 2016

It’s been close to 13 years since Ashpati Devi has lost her husband but nobody would let her move on. She is barred from attending festivities and is blamed for her husband’s death to date. She is unwelcome in community spaces so much so that “people don’t want to see...

Children wait for clean water to drink

/ September 7, 2016

The children of a hamlet in Uttar Pradesh push each other so that they can bathe. The source of their bath is a little trickle from the only handpump in Tilakdih Thakur village. For the 50 residents of this hamlet, access to water is a hard and often failed task since two...