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Jammu & Kashmir

/ July 5, 2011

Kashmir’s Survivors Angry at Slow Response to Floods

/ October 20, 2014

A month and a half after Kashmir saw the worst floods in a century, rescue and rehabilitation have yet to reach a majority of the survivors. It was civil society that stepped up and started the initial rescue efforts; the army and government’s response to the crisis was less than...

Enforced disappearance of Mushtaq Ahmed Dar from Srinagar

/ February 24, 2016

Azizi’s son Mushtaq Ahmad Dar, disappeared in custody after being picked up by the army in Srinagar. A request for sanction for prosecution is reportedly pending before the Ministry of Defence till date. Investigations have indicted the alleged perpetrators in the disappearance of Mushtaq Ahmad Dar.

Kashmiri Pot keeps you Hot

/ February 9, 2012

Traditional furnaces keeps Kashmiris warm in winter.

Harsh Truths: RTI Activist Attacked

/ December 6, 2011

Invoking RTI In J & K gets activists in trouble.

Locals in Tourist Destination Threatened

/ September 21, 2011

Residents of Doodhpathri, Kashmir face poverty and displacement due to contradictory govt. policies.