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Young Kashmiri blown to pieces for tearing posters of renegade

/ March 31, 2016

Yusuf, a young man from Kashmir was blown to pieces, tied to a mine and a boulder in a local forest by the Indian Army on 3rd February 1999 without any substaintial proof that he was part of a militant outfit. He was picked up the night before the fateful...

Illegal MiningWho’s To Blame?

/ August 17, 2010

Lack of livelihood opportunities is forcing hundreds of poor Dalits into illegal coal mining in our correspondent Mukesh Rajak’s state – Jharkhand.

Mines Deplete Water Supply

/ May 12, 2010

Goa is mostly known for being a top tourist destination, but away from the coast

Channel 19: A Platform Truly from the People

/ August 26, 2008

Hi there, I’d like to introduce myself, as I’m a new member of this newly formed social media network Channel 19. What attracted me first and foremost about this online platform is that everything that is showcased and issues we focus on are about communities in rural and urban India...