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Article 17 Right To Education

/ June 4, 2014

The Indian Constitution has given equal rights to all its citizens, so that all types of discrimination such as gender, caste and religion are removed.  According to the provisions of the Right to Education (RTE) 2010 all children have rights for equal treatment.  However despite this, Primary school children at...

4 Teachers for 1500 Students in Uttar Pradesh Government School

/ May 13, 2014

VV-PACS Correspondent Sanjay Kumar reports from Maharaj Ganj, Uttar Pradesh regarding the lack of adequate education for girls in the Government Inter-College Nautanawa. He says that the government is not doing its job to provide enough trained teachers to teach the students. Currently only four teachers teach 1500 girls who...

A Half-Hearted Attempt at Education

/ April 1, 2014

Our Community Correspondents have been busy travelling around their villages and blocks documenting the ground level realities of education in India. By highlighting the shortcomings of the system and by getting communities involved in the process, we hope that the future students of India are able to get the education...