Tag: Alcohol consumption

Village Campaigns to Ban Liquor

/ May 6, 2014

Community Corespondent Krupakar Chahande reports from Chichkheda village in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra where residents have been trying to ban liquor as they find it is eating away at their lives. Read on to see how you can help. Despite their campaigning liquor is still being sold in every village, destroying...

Women Vow to Rid their Village of Alcohol

/ February 27, 2014

The women of Motarga Village in Maharashtra have been fighting a battle against the alcohol traders in their village. Community Correspondent Shanti Yevtikar reports their story. Alcohol had been draining the pockets of their families for years. Worse, the consumption often resulted in the women being abuse, ill-health and for...

No Escape from Illegal Alcohol

/ January 10, 2012

In Karauli, Rajathan, scheme for rehabilitating bootleggers falls through.