Right To Education: Pass Ya Fail?

Video Volunteers is doing the first-ever video audit of 100 schools across India, documenting their compliance to the RTE Act. Community Correspondents are documenting violations in schools and then working to ensure that those provisions are properly implemented.  206 trained community journalists, using video cameras, will capture the reality of the implementation of the Right to Education Act. What is it like for children in India to access education?Are schools easy to get to? Is the student-teacher ratio correct? Are there toilets and drinking water in the schools? Are the School Monitoring Committees functioning properly? These, and more are the questions we are asking.

In April 2010, India passed one of the most progressive education laws in the world- The Right to Education Act. The Act envisions an India where every child has access to education regardless of its gender, class and caste. It provides not only free and compulsory education to children between ages 6 and 14 but also ensures that they have healthy meals to eat at school, proper play material, caring teachers etc. But three years later, the Act is far from achieving the goals it had set out to. The most exciting part of this campaign is that we’re creating change on the ground, making sure that thousands of kids across India have access to quality education.

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