Release: Video Volunteers partners up with global news platform Oximity

  We live in a time of 24x7 breaking news cycles, and yet there are millions of interesting, inspiring, infuriating and heart breaking stories that slip-by unnoticed. What we see and hear as ‘news’ is dictated by a myriad number of agendas and policies that we have little control over. What if this equation could be turned on its head? Video Volunteers’ partnership with Oximity is about to do just that.Video Volunteers is a media and human rights organisation that amplifies the most marginalised voices of India and Oximity isa global news platform that is entirely powered by its users. Oximity, like Video Volunteers, collects news directly from the source. The platform facilitates users to curate their own content, and distributes the news content across the Internet. Users, instead of mainstream news media editors and publishers, set the agenda. This allows the news that readers consider important to bubble up. Jessica Mayberry, Founding Director of Video Volunteers, is excited by this new partnership. She says:“We have the stories, they have the technology—it couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Oximity supports more than 200 languages, and there are manual as well as automatic translation features! This addresses two of the issues we work on—to get more content in regional languages online and more marginalised perspectives from India out there in the web space otherwise occupied by a very narrow spectrum of opinions and ideas.” Jessica continues: "We hope that in the coming years, as more of our Community Correspondents will be able to access the internet on their phones or closer to their homes, they will directly be able to log into Oximity to share their stories." [caption id="attachment_10486" align="alignright" width="300"]Team Oximity Team Oximity[/caption] Oximity’s team, made up of 14 extremely energetic people, is based out of Germany, United Kingdom and USA. Sanjay Goel, Oximity's co-founder, who has been the driving force behind this partnership, says:“Video Volunteers is doing an amazing job empowering the most disenfranchised and downtrodden communities in India. The first step towards removing the injustices and inequities in society is for the public to become aware of the effect such injustices have on the real lives of real people. And Video Volunteers is helping create this awareness by giving the communities affected a chance to tell their stories. Oximity’s advanced technology platform will further this process by helping these issues become front and centre of the local, national and international news agenda. It also connects similar networks in other countries onto one platform where they can exchange ideas, learn from each other and inspire and help each other. We are very proud to be a partner of VideoVolunteers.” As a part of the partnership Video Volunteer’s playlist will be prominently displayed on the Oximity home page and Oximity will feature on Video Volunteer’s home page. To learn moreabout the two organizations, click here and here  .
Community Survey

Bad Health, Unemployment in COVID 19 Times Leads Maharashtra Villager to Suicide

/ August 5, 2020

Madhukar Harmkar, a 60 year old daily wage worker from Maharashtra died by suicide after he could not support his family in times of Covid-19 lockdown.

Impact Story

IMPACT | VV Correspondent Ensures Biometric Scan Suspension for Ration Disbursement in Kashmir

/ July 29, 2020

Locals from Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir were forced to scan their fingerprints for ration despite a suspension order from the government.

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