Launch a CVU

Launch a Community Video Unit

Are you a Non-Government Organization (NGO) interested in starting a Community Video Unit (CVU)? Please, do contact us at to further discuss the process of launching a Community Video Unit (CVU) after reviewing the details below.

Video Volunteers provides guidance to NGOs in the developing world who wish to launch Community Video Units in their field areas. We have assisted 12 NGOs in India to launch Community Video Units, and the goal is to grow that number world-wide to over fifty Community Video Units, with fifty different NGOs.

Read here for about how the CVU works and operates and also review our CVU Impact page for information on how a Community Video Unit directly benefits communities and NGOs.

To launch a CVU typically takes between six to eight months of preparation time. The general process is as follows:

  • You write to us expressing interest.
  • We send you a questionnaire, a budget, and info on how the CVU works at an NGO.
  • You organize to allocate your funds and resources and agree to launch the CVU.
  • We come for a site visit, finalize plans, and sign a Memorandum of Understanding, committing both parties to the process.
  • You identify 25 villages or slum areas where the CVU will work, and hire 8-10 community members as your Community Video Producers.
  • You purchase all the equipment necessary from our equipment list.
  • We identify a Video Trainer for your CVU, and ensure that person is trained in all aspects of community media during an intensive one-month group workshop. This person will work on-site at your NGO for 18 months.
  • Training of Community Producers starts, and the CVU begins work!

During the first 18 months, the CVU will produce 8-10 video magazines, and reach around 10,000 people with each film. At the end of this 18 months innovations period, the video trainer will withdraw and the CVU will be technically proficient to produce videos on an ongoing basis within the NGO. Community video becomes a new program area for the NGO, until the time when the community can take over ownership of the CVU.

Video Volunteers will remain involved for years to come, providing technical support as required by the NGOs, promoting mainstream distribution and joint campaigns, coordinating the Network of NGOs and Producers, and connecting the Community Producers with international media networks we are part of.

We hope you will join us in this exciting venture!

If you are interested in starting a CVU please contact us and we will send you detailed information on how the program works and the costs involved.  To start a conversation, email us at for more information or call us at +91-832-2281032.

To watch a CVU film, click here.

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