Community Producers

Community Producers

Video Volunteers’ Community Video Unit (CVU) producers are a true group of barefoot journalists with a strong commitment to their communities and a passion to bring social change. Each of the producers also has a unique socio-cultural background and has borne witness to several wrongdoings within his/her community. Now, through their videos, the producers are determined to raise community voices against those wrongs.

The Community Producers come from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds. They used to be boxmakers, rickshaw drivers, diamond polishers, farm laborers, housewives and students. Today, they are film producers are selected by the field workers of the NGO that is starting the CVU.

Fieldworkers will spread the word in the villages where the CVU will work, by telling all their local contacts in the village that a new job is being offered and when the interview dates are. Sometimes, up to 100 people will come for the interview.

Producers don’t need literacy or any experience. Rather, we look for a ‘spark’, personality, confidence and, most importantly, a commitment to social change. All these Community Producers have these qualities in spades, as you will see while watching some of the videos they have scripted themselves.

Click below to view the details of some of the Community Producers that are working with our partner NGOs.

Akshara:  Apna TV – “Our TV”
ICICI Prudential Insurance:  Jawa – “Proud”
Laya:  Manyam Praja – “Forest Peoples’ Video”
Navsarjan:  Apnaa Malak Maa – “In Our Land”
Saath:  Samvad – “Dialog”
Yuva:  Hamari Aawaz – “Our Voice”
Yuvashakti:  Sakshi Media – “Witness Media”

CLICK HERE to watch all the videos made by these Community Video Unit producers!

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