Pass books with no money under Indra Awas Scheme

Whenever it rains, we have to run and find alternate shelters that don’t leak from the roofs! This is the condition under which twelve people belonging to very poor Dalit families live in Muzaffarpur village.

There are around 390 houses in this village. Out of these, the residents of 12 houses have got pass books under Indra Avas Yojna, which is a social welfare program created by the Indian Government, to provide housing for the rural poor in India. But till date, they haven’t got any money in their accounts. And because of that, these people have to live with all family members crammed into just one make-shift room. During monsoon season, these people survive by tying plastic sheets over their roofs. Even animals stay with them in this room then.

Our Community Correspondent Amit Kumar, himself belonging to a poor Dalit family can relate with their struggle and through this video appeals to all viewers to contact the Block Development Officer of Mohra in Bihar on 9431818479and urge the official to take necessary steps to improve the living standards of these families.


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