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/ June 11, 2007

Print Articles Jharkhand’s Hunger Tales “A June 2012 video on Videovolunteers, filmed by a community correspondent, suggests that people don’t get food grains every month at the local PDS shop and certainly not their full quota of 35 kilos. Most get only about 30 kilos. Meanwhile, a block official explained that...


/ June 11, 2007

Our Impact Video Volunteers has initiated and sustained a global community media movement, which has empowered people by giving them a voice, training them to use it, and enabled them to take action towards social change.  Our training models and projects have created an impact in the following ways: Give...


/ June 11, 2007

Projects Video Volunteers undertook many different kinds of ‘media for development’ projects before arriving at the model of the Community Video Unit. Between 2003 and 2005, 17 different NGOs invited us to give them technical assistance on media projects in six different countries, all of which helped us learn how...