Paddy Farmers of Shrawasti, Uttar Pradesh Suffer Heavy Losses Due to Unseasonal Rains


Climate change and unseasonal rains are wreaking havoc on the earnings of farmers nationwide. We have reported about unseasonal rains destroying crops of farmers from other parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The farmers that we spoke to now wonder how would they repay the loans taken to grow these crops and how to feed their family.

A similar case is reported from the Shrawasti district in Uttar Pradesh where residents of the Gilaula village had paddy crop ready to be harvested. One evening strong winds accompanied by heavy rains destroyed everything that they had toiled for several months. Now all the produce is rotting and is not worth selling in the market.

Our Community Correspondent Raees Ahmed has worked with the community to create a video report and has sent it to the local Sub-divisional magistrate. The Sub-divisional magistrate has assured that s/he will look into the matter and based on the inspection, compensation may be provided to the farmers.


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