No relief for UP farmers facing crop failure

Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh | Anil Kumar Saroj

The nonseasonal rain and droughts in Uttar Pradesh has damaged this year's crop. The government funds for the welfare of farmers haven't been made available for the farmers of Galiya village in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh.

'I've spent INR 25000 on sowing my crop. I also employed around 10 families for cultivation on my land. Apart from this, there were many other overheads which I haven't been able to recover. For this I hope the government intervenes and helps us financially. I will not be able to reap profits from my land this year. Today I have been able to procure only 8 quintals on my land where I usually reap around 20-25 quintals annually', tells Om Prakash, one of the many farmers who have rough times ahead.

- How much financial loss have you incurred?
- I have lost around 65-70% of my crop this year. Only 1/3rd of my crop has grown. My cattle refuses to eat the husk even.
- How is the quality of the yield?
- My wheat has got black spots on them and is thinner than usual. If I don't wash and clean the wheat before grinding, it wouldn't edible for anyone.
- Have you taken any initiative to apply for financial aid?
- I have tried but haven't been able to meet any official for this.
- Have you visited their offices?
- I visited the District Magistrate, but there was no hearing for my plea.

Community Correspondent Anil Kumar wants the farmers from his community to receive some financial aid from the government and appeals all viewers to support his cause by calling the District Magistrate of Bhadohi on +91-9454417568 and asking him to allocate financial aid for the farmers of Bhadohi who've lost their crop.

Anil Kumar reports from Uttar Pradesh for IndiaUnheard.


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