Nashik-Based Organisation Revives Centuries Old Aquifers


Nashik-based organisation Shivkarya Gadkot Sanvardhan Sanstha and its leader Ram Khurdal have worked for more than 15 years to revive water sources in Nashik.

These water sources, located in centuries old forts of Nashik, were a source of water for animals and village dwellers before modern technologies took over. Over time, due to neglect and pollution, these aquifers dried out and villages struggled for water.

"These water sources didn't die out naturally. It was due to the neglect of the present generation," said Ram. His team of youngsters, who volunteered their time to clean up plastic and other waste from wells, lakes, tanks, has borne fruit. Now villagers and animals use these natural sources of water and don't have to travel several kilometres.

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