Media Collaborations

Media Collaborations

Video Volunteers has partnered with big names in the media industry like CNN-IBN, Headlines Today, Magnum Foundation, Reuters and Bloomberg to bring the stories and perspectives of disadvantaged communities to an audience that is hungry for new perspectives, ideas and solutions. This is news by those who live it. Some of our current and former partners include:

Oximity is a news platform that is entirely powered by its users. It collects news directly from the source, facilitates curation by its users, and distributes the news content across the internet. By allowing users instead of editors and publishers to set the agenda, it is allowing important news that society cares about bubble up. Additionally, it significantly enhances the quality of news reporting, since the content is written directly by the source, who has the most knowledge about the subject matter being reported. Oximity supports 200 languages, and manual and automatic translation across scores of languages. It is partnering with various user generated news networks worldwide to create one large network of self-empowered news writers and readers.
We at Newslaundry are from the world of news and want to turn the mirror on ourselves.
We respect independence, we value justice and we consider transparency an important and achievable goal for credibility. We will question established ways and models that get too comfortable and cozy becoming inert. Inertia is death.
No one should be above scrutiny – not politics, not industry, not civil society, not the media. Not them, not you, not us,not I, not he, not she – no one.
Welcome to Newslaundry – Sabki dhulai. You watch. We’re watching.
Videos by our Community Correspondents are regularly featured on Headlines Today’s Right To Be Heard show. You can watch the show on Saturday at 8.30 pm and Sunday at 9.30 pm.
The Alternative is a new media platform for sustainable living that strives to make social good an everyday conversation by highlighting choices we can make to positively impact the world around us. Videos by our Community Correspondents and articles we write are regularly featured on this site.
This Mouthpiece of the Nation’s Youth has been amplifying the voices of our Correspondents. Videos by our Community Correspondents and articles we write are regularly featured on this site.
This popular Youth and Social Change portal features some of our most powerful videos as well as petitions asking authorities to right the wrongs our Community Correspondents highlight.
IndiaUnheard Videos and articles are featured on the website of India’s #1 Independent news Weekly.
Videos produced by Community Correspondents regularly feature on the leading news channel CNN-IBN on its award winning and acclaimed Citizen Journalism Show. In the previous years CCs developed stories including one on sexual harassment that led to the city of Mumbai creating a helpline for women who are being harassed and another on trash collection which led to trash bins being introduced to the slums of Bombay.
You can watch the show on Saturday at 9.30 pm and on Sunday at 5.30 pm.
IndiaUnheard correspondents participated in 10.10.10 and 12.12.12 – a global effort to help document the world’s story. With thousands of submissions from across the globe, our correspondents documented life in some of the most remote parts of India ensuring their communities were included in this seminal event.
Our correspondents submitted footage to be part of the 80,000 submissions that were uploaded to create a crowd-sourced documentary by the director Kevin MacDonald documenting one day on earth.

news x logo

NewsX is one of India’s leading 24 hour news channels. In 2011, NewsX aired Speak Out India that featured video reports by Video Volunteers’ nationwide network of community correspondents. Speak Out India was India’s first community news program on television.
MSN India’s online channel Leadcap featured videos produced by Video Volunteers’ IndiaUnheard community correspondents from across India. The videos were the first news stories told by communities that were previously unheard and invisible to the media.
Video Volunteers, in partnership with MTV Iggy, brought uncensored access to Kashmiri voices from the refugee camps of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri youth spoke directly of their shocking experiences: Sunil walked us through daily life in the Jammu refugee camps, Mohan explained how religious tensions led to the slaughter of his entire family, and Deepika told us about her childhood in a refugee camp. These videos received the most views of the entire campaign, really resonating with the youth audience.
Nickelodeon collaborated with Video Volunteers on their news special, The Untouchable Kids of India. Here Nick News shared with American kids, “What’s it like to be a Dalit kid?” and offered a first-hand look into the world of the Dalits, highlighting how many are now refusing to be victims. Neeru, a Video Volunteers community video producer, discussed her efforts to educate both Dalits and non-Dalits through her films, many of which are designated “controversial” and banned. As quoted in the Nick News piece, Neeru says, “When I see the work which is being done, I am proud about it. Even I can do something. I am worth something.”
Video Volunteers’ Community Producers shot cell phone videos that were broadcast all over the world via the internet, television, digital cinemas, and mobile phones as part of Pangea Day, a four hour global television broadcast, for peace and inspiration, airing from Cairo, Kigali, London, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro. Pangea Day donated 40 Nokia cell phones to Video Volunteers, with which the producers made videos on different universal themes such as love, friendship and hope.
GoodnessTV is a video sharing website dedicated to people who make a positive difference in this world. Video Volunteers’ community videos were regularly featured here.
alterlogo is an independent television-over-internet news channel webcasting high quality documentaries and videos. Alternative has featured several videos by Video Volunteers in its ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Green Living’ sections.
The video Movies Moving Mountains aired on Current TV, the American cable station that was set up by former U.S. Vice-President, Al Gore. The Channel features ‘viewer created content’ from across the globe. Current TV is also expanding to other countries, such as its addition to the United Kingdom.
weekend leader channel
The Weekend (TWL) is a pioneer in positive journalism – a one of its kind media venture managed by experienced journalists with a self-imposed mandate to focus exclusively on positive news and features. TWL was launched in September 2010 by former Tehelka reporter P C Vinoj Kumar.


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