Kashmir floods aftermath: Zaalapora, Bandipora, J&K

This is the Zaalapora area in district Bandipora. A house to 350 families and more, Zalapora lies isolated since September 9. The 91 meter road that linked Zaalapora to the larger villages was washed away when the water from Nala Ferozpora and Hokarsar breached the Zaalapora bandh(Dam). Since then the people of Zaalapora have been forced to wade across the filthy, stagnant flood waters to the main road. Those who are trying to rebuild their homes cannot because of the inaccessible conditions of the road.

As the winter season approaches, the people of Zaalapora still put up in tents without any access to electricity or drinking water. Inadequate food supply has further worsened their condition. Though people have been warned against the use of stagnant water, the unavailability of water in this area compels them to resort to the dead waters.

On top of being cut out from all amenities the people of Zaalapora complain of being fairly compensated by the government. They say that people whose houses were fully damaged received an amount of INR 3000, while those people whose houses weren't even touched by the floods received INR 75000. Under the fear of living in a damaged house which can fall on them anytime, they are forced to live out in the open.

Through this video Taha appeals to the DC of Bandipora to take immediate steps in order to ensure the rehabilitation of the people of Zaalapora.

Community Correspondent Taha Mirani reports from Bandipora, J&K for India Unheard.

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