Jharkhand PDS Cheats Empty Stomachs

PDS corruption system rife with corruption in Latehar, Jharkhand.

About the Video: When asked why the people of the Champa Mahwadand tribal village, Latehar district, Jharkhand were not receiving  regular rations the Block Division Officer, a representative of the great Indian welfare state, offers a lesson in basic mathematics, the grammar of weight and the tenets of the absolute truth. According to him, ’35 kilos of grains’ is a misnomer and far, far from the truth. He says that absolute truth would only be arrived at if one took into account the weight of jute sack in which the grains were weighed. One man’s science, another man’s excuse and the truth remains that the villagers of barely make ends meet and on some days, go to bed on an empty stomach.

Most of the villagers have red ration cards which is an indicator of families living below the poverty line. The card entitles them 35 to
kilos of grains at subsidised rates every month. The villagers say that while laws and rules and even the infrastructure are in place, what is written on papers rarely translates to the truth. Markings made by officials on their cards indicate that the rations are being given but the villagers say that the office are taking advantage of their naivety. They suspect massive systemic corruption and black marketing but how do they get their voices heard? And who will listen to them?

Community Correspondent says: Community Correspondent Justin Lakhra is a tribal and was born and brought up in the region. He describes the village of Champa Mahwadand as a place that is stuck in time. The sun brings the only light and with night-time comes darkness. There is no electricity. Development is non-existent. People are small farmers and labourers. They are poor and illiterate. When he asked them to speak about the issue, the people resisted. But Justin stuck on and the gradually the entire village began to speak up. Just the voices of the people began to create a furore. Everybody had something to say. About how they couldn’t feed their children, how they slept hungry and how their helplessnesshas turned to anger.

The owner of the ration shop heard of the agitation, immediately shut shop and has been missing since. Justin has been trying to trace  him down unsuccessfully. The people are  now ready to fight for the justice they were denied.

Call to Action: Please call the aforementioned Block Division officer Mr.Indradev Mandal on 08986726778 and tell them that you have seen Justin’s video and that you are with the people of Champa Mahwadand. Ask the respected officer to look into the matter personally and deliver justice.

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