Is This The Worst Road In India?

Residents of Viramgam, Ahmadabad suffer on bad roads.

The main road that passes through Viramgam in the district of Ahmedabad, Gujarat is the central location where factories and offices of multi-nationals like Tata and Nirma have set up shop. It is the prime conduit along which the town moves. But as Community Correspondent Sanjay Parmar tells us, it’s not just the main road. The internal roads and gullies are just as bad.

Sanjay thinks the administration has gone complacent. The same people have been occupying the same key positions in administration and politics for the last 4 decades. They are in the habit of patting their own back for spurring on the supposed ‘growth’ of Viramgam’s
economy. But without the infrastructure to support it, Sanjay wonders how the growth can sustain itself?

His images in the video speak for themselves. Dust flying around everywhere. Roads dotted with potholes ready to become puddles when it rain. The people are tired of complaining as there is no response other than empty promises.

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