IMPACT | Bengal Police Rescued Trafficked Teenager Safely

The international borders across the world are infamous for Human Trafficking and smuggling of goods and resources. The Community Correspondent (CC) Milon Mondal here reports from Basirhat, North 24 Pargana District of West Bengal, bordering Bangladesh, about a human trafficking case and successful rescue by the West Bengal Police. 

Worldwide, Human Trafficking is an intricate crime syndicate and there are many factors fuelling it, the unemployment and poverty are the main ones. This Basirhat area is impoverished and there are prevalent crime records of people being trafficked through force, fraud and deception. Both India and Bangladesh are source, transit, and destination countries for trafficking in persons, mostly belonging to the underprivileged socio-economic strata of the society.

CC Milon Mondal, with the family of the trafficked 14 year old girl, followed up with Police regularly about this case and the girl could be rescued. It is one of the best case scenarios, otherwise most cases go unreported in the guise of family honour, shame or fear, preventing victims and families of victims to come forward and share their experiences.

India has various provisions to combat trafficking, among others the Article 23(1) of the Constitution, IPC 366 – 373, the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act 1956 are the main ones. A draft bill for Prevention, Care and Rehabilitation is also underway.

There is a need for cooperation and intervention of various stakeholders to curb Human Trafficking at source. Please share this video for awareness and to understand the dark world of trafficking. 

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