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Food Crisis in India – The State of Hunger I India Loud & Clear | EP 6

This week in India Loud & Clear we bring you the issue of the food crisis.

Do you know fifteen percent of the Indian population every night sleeps hungry? This week India Loud and Clear talks about the issues of Food crisis. The issue which hardly finds its place in media reports, Prime-time or in sensational or breaking news.

194 million Indians are undernourished. Recently out of 117 countries, India ranked at 104 at the Global Hunger Index.

India Loud & Clear is the weekly news show produced by Video Volunteers, the media organization by and from Community Correspondents. We bring you no breaking news, no sensation, only community voices.

Check the links below to find out more about our Community Correspondents and the stories used for this episode:

Harishankar Gupta – Uttar Pradesh… Basanti Hunni Purti – Jharkhand… Reena Ramteke – Chhattisgarh

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Video produced by Video Volunteers. 

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