End Medical Negligence in Madhupur

Last year we launched a campaign to “End Medical Negligence”  focused on getting better medical facilities at the Sub-Divisional Hospital in Madhupur, Jharkhand. CC Mukesh documented several cases of medical negligence at a government hospital that led to the death of a new-born, and of a 12 year old, among others. VV reached out to local organisations and activists like the Public Health Resource Network; Prerna Bharti and Farmer’s Labour Union to demand action against the accused doctors.

The Government has compensated the families of Aamna Bibi and Kundan by providing money for Indira Awas Yojana and regular supply of rations respectively. Kundan’s family was also given compensation of INR 1.5 Lakh. The immense public pressure has ensured better services at the hospital. In recent visits and through eye-witness testimonies gathered, Mukesh has found that there are doctors now present 24×7. Provisions like rabies shots, not available before are now available.

Two petitions were launched on change.org, which received over 40,000 signatures from across the world. As a result of this the Chief Medical Officer of Jharkhand conducted an investigation. This is a great example of how communities can be mobilised to ask for their rights. With Mukesh’s support, many came forward for the first time to speak out against the ill treatment they had got at the hospital. They also organised public demonstrations to make sure the fact-finding process was carried out. The story got considerable local and national coverage, which further supported the community to achieve its goals.


This Video Volunteers campaign is rallying together the Madhupur community that has raised its voice against lack of accountability at the Sub Divisional Hospital in Madhupur, Jharkhand. Residents have shared several experiences of not being given correct and timely treatment at this hospital.

On 12th November 2013, Video Volunteers Community Correspondent Mukesh Rajak witnessed gross medical negligence and lack of accountability at this hospital. When Doctors did not attend to Mrs. Aamna Bibi while she was in labour, she gave birth to a stillborn child.

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On 17th Dec 2013, the family of 12 year old Kundan Das approached Mukesh for help to get their child treatment at the hospital.

Kundan had been taken to the Madhupur hospital earlier that day after being attacked by a fox. The family was told that nothing that needed to be done and were sent away without even a basic dressing of the wounds. Kundan developed rabies and passed away on 5th January 2014.


Follow the full story here.

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