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Drainage System Constructed in Bihar’s Village After the Community’s Appeal by Video

Community Correspondent's video helped in building a drainage system in Bihar’s Nibi village which had stagnant water blocking the roads.

One of the challenges that people have to face in rural areas is access to good roads. The poor drainage system and stagnant water have become a breeding site for various illnesses. In Nibi village, Bhagwanpur, Kaimur district in Bihar, a similar issue was raised by our Community Correspondent, Mamta Devi, where the residents were facing problems due to the lack of a drainage system which led to bad roads. 

“Earlier, weeds would grow at the door and would all get muddy,” said Shankuntala Devi, from Nibi village. This village never had a proper drainage system, for many years. People tried raising this issue to the Panchayat of the village and also spoke to the Block Development Officer but even after numerous complaints, there was no solution. The poor drainage system was flooding the roads restricting them from commuting from one place to the other. 

In January 2016, Mamta Devi, made an issue video, addressing the difficulties the residents of the village are facing due to stagnant water on the roads. Mamta held a meeting to which the community members responded well and provided support in taking the issue forward to the government officials. With the help of the community, Mamta also wrote a mass application and was submitted to the Block Development Officer of Bhagwanpur block, and another letter was sent to District Councilor. 

After 11 months, in response, the drain was constructed in the Nibi village. “We wrote our application and went to the District Councilor and shared our problems, which is when a drain was built for the village,'' said Shankuntala. 

All households in the Nibi village are now connected to a drainage system or sewage, hence the disposal of sullage is ensured in a better functioning manner. “Now the road is also clean and the water from the house is going into the drain. It is nice that with your help and by Video Volunteers the drain has been built for us,” said Santosh Ram, a resident of Nibi Village. 

Mamta, with the help of the BDO, District Councilor, Suman Devi, was able to bring an impact in her community.

Video by Community Correspondent Mamta Devi

Article by Grace Jolliffe, a Member of VV Editorial Team. 

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