Community Rallies Together to Fix Road

“When I got married around 16 years ago and started coming here to visit my family, the journey would leave my bones weak with rattling,” recalls Community Correspondent Sunita Kasera.

The road she is referring to is the stretch that leads up to the GSS residential colony in Karauli, Rajasthan. This 2km stretch had become a bane in the lives of the residents. It’s potholes tossed passengers around and became breeding grounds for mosquitos in the monsoon.

For years on end, they residents requested the Municipal Corporation to fix the road and to put lights on the street, but nothing came of it.

Eventually a resident, Mr Rajesh, brought his neighbours together under a resident’s welfare association. Each of the residents contributed money towards the repair work of the road. They then put in hours of work in the cruel summer heat to level the road.

But they didn’t mind. The entire community had come together and made it their goal to fix the road that led to their homes. They succeeded. A year later, in 2013, Sunita has documented their joy through her video.

“There is a power grid which is half a kilometer away from GSS colony. The road leading up to it has also been crumbling for the past decade. While the residents have come together to fix their road, the municipal authorities haven’t gotten around to repairing the other road yet,” says Sunita.

“This really goes to show how well things can work if people stand by each other. The government sometimes doesn’t do it’s job. We all know that. More people should come together to solve their own problems instead of just complaining,” she says.

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