Communications Manager, Goa

Communications Manager, Goa The Communications Manager is responsible for ensuring that our key videos, impacts, latest news and events are being spread far and wide, and that VV is getting maximum exposure and its brand and messaging being communicated. External and Online Communications
  • Create the social media plan
  • Tweet, blog and post to facebook on VV’s blog
  • Create a bi-weekly media pitch of VV videos and communicate with press and media partners about them
  • Ensure our videos are reaching large numbers of other news sites, bloggers, online social charge portals, etc. by cross-posting our videos and researching new platforms and tools we should explore
  • Set targets for VV’s online distribution, such as for facebook, twitter, distribution on other sites, and report monthly on our reaching those targets
  • Maintain relationships with key press and write press releases
  • Create plans for six e-newsletters each year that go out to VV’s 5000+ subscribers, and oversee writing of the newsletters
  • Write donor communications and funder reports as and when required
  Campaign Communications
  • Create communications plans for VV campaigns, such as our forced evictions or anti-Untouchability campaigns. VV’s campaigns can involve the active promotion of a single video to achieve an advocacy goal, including TV distribution or a particular outcome with an official.
Internal Communications
  • Convene the Communications Monthly Meeting with the production and impacts teams where the monthly communications plan is created
  • Create plans for program documentation before trainings, events and field visits to ensure we are documenting our successes and challenges for future brochures, newsletters and internal learning. Manage that documentation in VV’s online server.
  • Manage internal communications at the staff level, such as sharing of successes, monthly reports, and an online space for sharing articles and learnings. Maintain the documentation server.
  • At the CC level, ensure CC’s are informed of latest news and events (via SMS, mailings.)
  • At the level of our NGO partners, ensure they are getting info that will encourage to become more active
  • Make recommendations on communications materials like brochures, T-shirts, banners, posters, etc. Oversee VV branding via our outside consultants, including website, office decoration such as posters, seating areas, etc. that contribute to our communication to visitors
Admin and HR
  • Responsible for the Communications Strategic Area, including supervising staff in that Area and ensuring successful completion of all activities on the Communications Annual Plan
  • Ensure communications data is maintained
  • Supervise the other staff in the communications team and check their work plans
  • At least four years of work experience in handling communications
  • Experience in working with the press
  • Personal online presence for blogging, facebook, etc. is a strong plus
  • Excellent experience in social media.
  • Excellent writing skills in the area of promotion.
Reports to Founding Director Position based in Goa, India To apply, please fill in an online application from here      
Impact Story

The happiness that comes with an yearly bonus

/ December 23, 2022

This video is a story of success, a story of a small win against a giant corporation. A story of persistence and a never-say-die attitude. This year, the workers of 3 gardens in the Alipurduar area of Kumargram Block, received a slightly increased yearly bonus, an increase of 3%, from...

#kNOwTrafficking – a campaign against human trafficking

/ August 23, 2022

Video Volunteers launched an online and offline campaign called “#kNOwTrafficking- Taskari Jaano, Taskaari Roko'' on July 18, 2022.