Minorities EvictedIn Meghalaya

/ August 2, 2010

Violating the laws, rich landlords and corrupt officials continue to dupe poor families in Meghalaya.

Motherhood: Who is Deciding?

/ July 12, 2010

Aleya Akhtara reports on a critical lack of access to maternal healthcare and family planning options amongst women in Meghalaya.

Matrimonial Songs Missing

/ June 28, 2010

The once widespread Hindu tradition of singing songs to celebrate a wedding is in danger of disappearing.

Child Marriage, Child Motherhood

/ June 11, 2010

Child marriage is deeply embedded in cultural traditions, which can be difficult to change.

Tradition Limits Development

/ May 13, 2010

In India’s northeastern state of Meghalaya tradition in West Garo Hills dictates the Gaonbura