At Patna University the library has been shut for Two Years

Patna University in Bihar was founded in 1917 and is the seventh oldest university in India. For a hundred years endless numbers of students have walked the hallowed halls. The alumni consisting of many, many brilliant minds in various walks of life. The university has nurtured many brilliant minds such as the current Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of Sulabh International. But since two years, this great university's library remains shut, preventing students of the colleges from accessing important books on education.

While more than 3,000 students of the University, studying in eight different faculties continue to suffer from the negligence, Syed Amir Abbas, a 19-year-old History Honours student of Patna University chose not to sit quite. He is determined to have the library opened for all its students, once again.

"Almost two and a half years ago, our seniors asked for the library to be open for 24 hours during college days," recounts Amir. Following the denial of the University to give in to the demands and students' protest, the library was shut without citing a reason.

The worst sufferers are the poorer students of the college who are in despair. It costs Rs. 2000/- or more for a reference book on a particular subject, which they cannot afford. As it is it’s difficult to get private tuitions. If they bought reference books they would not be able to pay the tutoring fees. They manage with notes instead but their marks do get affected. Some have bought textbooks and then can’t afford tuition fees. While a vast number of textbooks and reference books stay locked behind a closed door.

Some students have made the effort to get answers from the University authorities, but to no avail. "Earlier they said that they have shut the library for renovation purpose. But no such thing has happened either," Amir reveals. In the beginning of October'16, Amir and his classmates represented the case once again in front of the Student Welfare Dean. However, the library still remains shut.

"There is a reason why we all go to a government college. We are students from lower-middle income groups who cannot possibly afford a private institution, let alone the books. But any educational institute, it is our right to gain knowledge and education," tells Amir. 

Amir has made this video for IndiaUnheard in an attempt reach the right voices, asking for all our support. The Student Welfare Dean or others higher up must make an immediate effort to open the Library doors again.

 Call the Student Welfare Dean of Patna University on 0612-2671826 and demand that the library is opened at the soonest. 


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